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Website Proposal

Meeting Summary & Web Proposal 29/06/14


 Problem Statement
  • Existing website is not integrating with existing POS for both stores in Croydon & Marryatville 
  • Require a system which aggregates all inventory SOH and displays on availibilty on website
  • Instagram not integrated. Existing system is too manual.
Recommended Solution
  • Re-design and set up a completely new system using Shopify eCommerce & POS system ($49 per month + $29 per month with 2% transaction fee)
  • Make it easier to focus on 'marketing' rather than manually managing stock availability online
  • automate as many web sales processes as possible
  • Inetgrated & centralised eCommerce/POS management system. Can sell in store, online anywhere. And have full visibilty of orders from anywhere. Anytime.
  • Instagram (primary source of leads) feeds into website automatically. Drive more traffic to the website and increase 'time on the site'
  • Focus on sales & web marketing, rather than 'manual adminitration of stock management'
  • An improved, automated system to easily manage online orders, Croydon store & Marryville store
  • Affordable solution ;)
Project Fees
  • Project Management/Set up fee: $950.00

Includes: Design, Website set up, System migration, POS set up and guidence, System Training and Graphic Design banners, SEO training, content migration, customisation work.


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